O you who have believed, indeed, intoxicants, gambling, [sacrificing on] stone alters [to other than Allah ], and divining arrows are but defilement from the work of Satan, so avoid it that you may be successful.  Verse No 90 Surah Al Maidha Quran

Drug Free Nation (DFN) is a registered and non-profitable organization. Its aim is to build healthy nation focusing on drug abuse prevention via conducting workshops/seminars/publications

Aims & Objectives

  1. Promoting mosque-based drug abuse prevention program by utilizing mosques as educational institutes Making workplaces free from all kinds of drugs by focusing workplace issues and helping people working there

  1. Preventing school/college/university students from drug abuse problems by addressing their problems and teaching them tips to stay away from drugs

  1. Making aware the whole society of hazardous of drug abuse problems via electronic media/print media/workshops/seminars/artwork

  1. Providing consultancy/counseling services regarding drug abuse problems

School Taking Action Not Drugs

Work Place Against Drug Abuse

Society Against Drug Abuse
STAND will work upon schools to save our children from drug abuse problems. Because our children are just like petals who will have to be blooming like flowers to give fragrance. They are our future builders. By focusing on their emotional/psychological problems, by discussing and making them aware of the consequences of drug addiction, they will be taught to stay away from all kinds of addiction.
In order to make workplace drug free, safe and healthy for both employer and employee, WADA is working on the drug abuse prevention at the workplace. WADA will help to overcome the problems which are caused by substance abuse. Business sector is facing less productivity, poor work and absenteeism owing to this social disease. Therefore, it is essential to strengthen the workplace environment by targeting this problem.
The aim of SADA is to make whole society aware of the hazardous of drug addiction. It will launch awareness-raising campaign via articles/ seminars/publishing research materials and books/ artwork/electronic media. It will also develop forum (SADA) including educationists, health professionals/ journalists/artists etc. Furthermore, healthy activities for people would be introduced to adopt a balanced lifestyle.
The aim of Siratay Mustaqeem is to promote mosques based prevention program pertaining to drug abuse problems. Based on the teaching of Hazrat Muhammad (p.b.u.h), this approach will help in eradicating drug abuse in the Muslim society. Its aim is to develop support groups at mosques in order to emphasize the role of mosques in dealing social issues as our Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h) did. By developing forum of Ulemah and religious people against drugs as well as using mosques as educational institutes, nation will be able to come out from the chain of destruction.

Siratay Mustaqeem will also develop strategies to deal with life problems in the light of Quran and Sunnah.
Siratay Mustaqeem

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