Poison of Heroin

By Haider Ali
Standing at the bus top of Esa Nagri, you come across the drug abusers wearing dirty clothes, begging to passerby for food/ drugs and injecting them and to each other.  Some of them are young, or it is better to say that they must have been in college or university. They sleep under the pedestrian or in shelters made for people waiting for public transport. In the morning they are found to be sleeping there. These places are their home, restaurant, earning place etc. They have been named as powdree, heroinchi, jahaz etc.

I tried to talk to some addicts sitting there. I found that mostly were abusing heroin through injection, cigarette and tinfoil. I also found them sharing needles with each other. When I asked them not to share the needles in order to avoid the risk of HIV, they said, "We are already dead'.

Heroin abuse resulted in mental dysfunction that impeded their social functioning and responsibilities. They were guilty over present life but no other option except taking drugs. "When I look back, I having nothing for which I quit drugs", a drug addict said. 

Addiction to heroin ruined everything, their family relations, career and respect in the community. Even family members of many do not like to come to them. They have been left lying over the garbage and living under the bridge. At one glance, they do not look human creature that has been awarded as best among all creatures. But the poison of heroin did not let them able to think in this way.

Here is the question for all, "for how long human creature (best creature) will be humiliated by drugs, and how many human beings will die like animals on the street
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