Consequences of Tobacco Use (Gutka)
By Haider Ali

Tobacco is frequently being used in two ways. Some people use smoke tobacco by using cigarette/ hukka, whereas some chew tobacco (gutka). Both methods of using tobacco are harmful for health.

A myth about hukka is that it is good for health. It is also taken as tradition and has been using for a long time. No empirical data is available to address the health effects associated with hukka use. But researchers have explored the effects of tobacco in form of cigarette on physical and psychological health.

Chewing tobacco (gutka) is also being frequently used specially in middle and lower class. Tobacco chew (gutka) has profound impact on the physical health. Numbers of cases have been reported to hospitals that show the strongest link of tobacco with physical health problems, for examples mouth cancer, dental problems, stomach related problems etc. Despite this, people are still using and also selling tobacco (gutka).

Observing parents/elders, children and adolescents are using it. Parents send their children to buy gutka from shops. They daily observe their parents, relatives, neighbors and shopkeepers using and spiting on the walls, roads and from the window of public transport. They are learning multiple negative behaviors from their elders. Later in life, they will be like them and make unhealthy nation. We will have to change our self if we want to save future generation in order to make healthy nation
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