Parental Addiction & Dropout of Their Children from Schools
By Safia Rafiq
Parents are like a tree that protects from sunlight, rain and other hazardous who comes to stand under it. It is pity to see that parents who are abusing drugs failed to protect their innocent children from external danger. They are dependent on their innocent children instead to providing good food and education to them. Besides hunger, rejection from society, they are also deprived of proper education. The dropout ratio of these children from school is rapidly increasing.
Effectiveness of Reiki in
Reducing Withdrawal Symptoms of Drug Abuse
By Afsheen  Sayed
Initial phase of treatment of drug abuse (detoxification) is painful for patient. Withdrawal symptoms appear in form of physical and emotional complaints such as; muscle pain, bone aches, headaches, vomiting, diarrhea, sleep disorders, loss of appetite and extreme moodiness etc.Reiki is a type of treatment that found to be effective in relieving the withdrawal symptoms among patients. In Reiki, patients learn to calm
Consequences of Parental Addiction For Children
By Riffat Sadiq PHD
Parental addiction has long lasting effects on their children. Drug addiction results in divorce, unemployment and violence towards family. Children daily observe their parents taking drugs, quarreling and fighting. Picture of ineffective parents bring behavioral and emotional problems for innocent minds. These children develop low self-esteem and feelings of helplessness. They also have variety of problems in school such as; learning disabilities, poor academic performance.
Drug abuse Problems Among Children
By Safia Umer
Drug abuse is not confined to adults, our children are also using different kinds of drugs. Like adults, children are also using samad bond, petrol, cannabis, alcohol and heroin. They are openly seen as using cigarette. The use of betel nut is common among them.
They develop drug abuse problem genetically and environmentally. Children of addicted parents are more likely to abuse drugs. Children also abuse drugs by observing other drug abusers
7 Tips for Effective Parenting
By Riffat Sadiq PHD
Try to present a positive role model for your children. Any use of drug or substance in front of children will convey them message of using substance and promote addictive behavior among children.

Build trustworthy relation with your child. Trustworthy relation will reduce the gap and your child will share everything with you. Even what his friends do and say to him. It will also help him or her to handle peer pressure.
Effects of Parental Addiction on Children

By  Haider Ali
Once a family member becomes drug abusers, specifically parents, the unstoppable destruction gets started in entire family. Parental addition has profound impact on the physical and mental health of the children. They are not provided proper food and education. They are also deprived of love and security. Additionally, they copy the addictive patterns of their parents.
Family & Drug Abuse Problems Among Children

By Shireen Ismael
Family is the first institution for the child to learn the lessons of being good human, responsible citizen and healthy member of his society. Parents always try to provide best to their children such as; food, shelter, education and love. There are parents who have ignored their personal needs in order to facilitate their children. In spite of that a large number of children are under the influence of drugs and others social evils .
Ethical Responsibility of Health Professionals
By Riffat Sadiq PHD
Healing refers to make an ill person free from all kinds of pain and distress. Years ago, hakeem (herbalist) was there to treat patients. Many people used to visit spiritual healer for their illnesses having thought of being victim of witch craft (black magic). With the passage of time, proper institutes have been established to train those who were interested in healing sick person. Now, people have different options to visit health professionals according to their need.
Parents: A Powerful Source For Their Children

By Bill Cameron
The war against drug abuse has been fought for over thirty years in UK. This "war" is a mindset. Current practice in UK sees addicted young people being maintained on the same drug that they are addicted to with no mention of Abstinence. Drug abuse costs Scotland 3.5 billion a year and the stark reality is that we have failed.

Children Learn From You

By Erum Sultan
Four days back, when I was telling my children about the effects of using betel nut (Chalia), my 11 year old son responded quickly, "No, betel nut is not dangerous; grandmother is using it for a long time but nothing happened to her".
I tried hard to make to him understand that betel nut destroys our teeth, stomach and concentration considering his mental level. I had difficulty to do so because of comparing his grandmother's health with those who are not using betel nut. Actually
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