Duties of Parents

By Dr. Qurat-ul-Ain
Parents are most significant figures for a child. Nothing can be substitute of parents. To be parents mean to pay all naturally assigned duties to raise their children in positive environment so that they become disciplined citizens of society. Following are some of the naturally assign duties to be good parents.
A parent's view of decriminalisation of illicit drugs
By Bill Cameron
Drug decriminalisation, drug legalisation or drug liberalisation?
Take your pick without introducing serious polemic and they all refer to the process of eliminating or reducing drug prohibition. By allowing licensed clinics to sell or dispense hard drugs, might we take business away from violent dealers and let rationality and regulated economics rule the streets instead of crime. Is that so?
Family Dysfunction and Drug Abuse Problems in Adolescents

By Riffat Sadiq PHD
It is known that family plays the most significant role in physical and emotional development of an individual. The way family interacts to growing children is evident to be strongest determinant of type and level of emotional development. Positive emotional interaction among family members, love and trust pave the way to build adaptive behaviors ensuring the adjustment in the society.
Drug Abuse among Professional Students

All kinds of drugs illicit or licit are being used in all over the world. Pakistan also has been entangled and ration of drug abusers has gone up to the 6 million. Children, adolescents and adult including men and women have addicted to various kinds of drugs. Students also have been addicted to different drugs. Unfortunately, students of professional institutes are also abusing drugs. Although, no a single research has been conducted to find fact and figures of drug abuse among professional students
Fashion of Smoking and our students
By Safia Rafiq
Few days back, I saw 3 students smoking cigarette standing near by their tuition academy, holding bags and books in their hands. Their actions and style of smoking reminded me of a celebrity of Indian film industry, Salman Khan, who used to smoke in one of his film that captured the attention of our youth. After that many young boys appeared to be copying his hair style, attire and particularly his style of smoking cigarette. I thought for a while that their parents,
Use of Betel Nut in Young Children

By Safia Rafiq
During a training program conducted in a school, it was inquired about the use of betel nut from school children in daily routine. It was observed that 65 percent of them were using bÍte nut. Some of them were using 2 to 3 small size of packet and some of them were using 7 to 8 once a day. Children also reported that sometimes, they used betel nut in front of their family and sometimes, they hid from their parents. It is a great concern for all of us that the use of betel nut in young children is rapidly increasing.
Importance of Teacher- Student Relation

By Safia Rafiq
Teacher always has been a substitute of parents for all of us. Religion and society also emphasize on strengthening the teacher-student relation. According to Islamic teaching, a teacher is like a parent, therefore, he or she must be respected. On the other hand, student also needs careful supervision and proper guidance from his/her teacher concerning academic career. Not only academic career is important, but to be a good human being should be a core objective of a student.
Make Your Students Drug Free

By Safia Rafiq
After parents, teacher is a person who plays a vital role in character building of his students. Teacher is not only there to teach curriculum but also is responsible to make inform his students about the positive and negative aspects of social changes. Teacher is also responsible to impart knowledge about social diseases. Drug abuse problem is one of social diseases. Though, use of drugs is increasing among students, therefore, teacher should take preventive steps to save future builders of our nation.
Students are Power
By Safia Rafiq
We all know that students always have been important in raising socio-political issues. Behind the long struggle for Pakistan, students had played a vital role. Motivation, passion to bring a change, need for achievement and devotion for society are some of the attributes of students which, if are used positively, can benefit the society in many ways.
Life Skills for Students to Combat Drug Abuse Problems

By Safia Rafiq
Sometimes, stressors come in our live from four directions that have profound impact on us, impede our growth and social functioning. In the current era, students have multiple tasks to meet their academic objectives. While facing their academic competitors, they come across various problems that may hinder their performance. Sometimes, they have more or less same problems at educational institute and family as well, e.g, lack of assertiveness, communication problems.
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