Your Life Is Not Only Your Life

By Safia Rafiq
Oh dear! You usually say these words while answering people, "This is my life. Don't interrupt in my matters; I will live my life as I wish". You really think that this life is only your life. If you think so, then look at the following points;
You live with your family (wife and children). You smoke in front of your innocent child. Your child starts copying you in everything and one day he/she tests a cigarette. What will happen?
7 Ways for Staying Away From Drugs

By Shireen Ismail

Seek guidance of Allah Almighty Always pray to Allah Almighty to guide you regarding making friends because He only knows the intentions of people. He is the only one who knows what is going on behind the scene. Therefore, ask Him to help you to be stayed away from all kinds of evils.
Faith is Power

By Riffat Sadiq PHD
Your success is the combination of the faith you have in your creator and the faith you have in your own self. Success is different for every one of us. See your success through your own lenses. Here success is not same for all. Whatever you want to desire to achieve, first you will need to have faith in your Allah. Nothing can be happened in this world without His wish. He is the biggest energy providers in time of adversity.
Knowledge is Power
By Iqra Abdul Qadir
Once founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah (Quaid-e-Azam) said, ‘Knowledge is a greater force than a sword, go and acquire it’Numerous problems are around us and many of them are the result of our ignorance. Drug abuse is one of those problems that have been rapidly grown because of our ignorance or lack of knowledge. Many youngsters today are suffering from multiple problems including social, economic and as well as emotional problems.
Empowering Youth to Combat Drug Abuse Problems
By Haider Ali
Youth are the asset of a nation. Healthy, well-educated and trained youth is surety for Future progress of the country. About 60 % of Pakistan's population (104 million) comprises of people under the age 30. Our youth is facing numerous problems such as; poverty, unemployment, improper educational system etc. For these reasons, our young people are being derailed from the way of progress and being hunted by drug abuse problems.
"Do" for Youth to Combat with Drug Abuse
By Riffat Sadiq PHD
Do believe in yourself
You and only you can change your life circumstances. Your self belief, patience and determination are the weapons with you can fight with your hidden problems that may put you in the line of drug abusers.
Do identify your capabilities
Only passion never works out. You must have capabilities for what you aspire to achieve. Try to identify that 
Need for Achievement and Drug Abuse Problems among Youth
By Riffat Sadiq PHD
Need for achievement is basic of success among youth. Need for achievement is a basic motivating factor for a person to achieve his life goal. Behind each great success, need for achievement works. But sometimes, this need for achievement may destroy one' life. Ahmed is a general physician. At the time of being medical student, he had to study a lot to get good grades. He and his group friends decided to use medicine to study for more than 6 consecutive hours
Environmental/Social Risk factors
for drug abuse problems among youth

By Safia Rafiq
Risk factor is defined as a factor which increases the chances of having ailment/diseases. For example; Chewing tobacco may lead to mouth cancer. Active smoker may be responsible for developing health diseases among passive smokers.

There are different risk factors for drug abuse problems among youth such as biological, psychological and social. Social risk factors include unemployment, disturbed family environment, unavailability of educational opportunities, availability of drugs in locality, law and order situation.
Anger Management

By Shereen Ismaeel
Anger is a natural human emotion and every individual experiences some form of anger. It is not possible to be completely free from anger but we can manage it effectively in daily lives. Anger can lead to various behavioral problems such as; smoking and other drug abuse problems. Suppression of angry feelings and thoughts are not the solution but increase your negativity. There is need to express anger in productive way.
Steps Toward Recovery
By Zahid Iqbal
It really takes time, courage and strength to face up to drug addiction. When you are bogged down in drug abuse and drug addiction, sobriety can seem like an impossible goal. But recovery is never out of reach, no matter how hopeless your current situation seems. Definitely change is possible with the right treatment, care and support, and by making lifestyle changes that address the root cause of your addiction. Do not give up, even if you have tried and failed before.
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