ByBill Cameron

What is Methadone? Physeptone)
Methadone is a long lasting synthetic narcotic/opiate. It is usually given in syrup or linctus form to heroin addicts to wean them off heroin (detoxify) and to block withdrawal discomfort, and is then gradually reduced. The drug is addictive and dangerous if given to persons (especially children) who are not narcotic dependent. 
Introduction of Drugs
Dr.Abdullah Wardak

Drug abuse is consumption of drugs, other than for medicinal purposes or in unnecessary quantities .people who abuse and develop dependence on narcotics drugs and psychoses substances are generally known as ''drug addicts'' From the sociologist point of view ''drug addiction is the state of assimilation into a specific life style of drug taking ''where is from the psychiatric and medical point of view.
Children as Passive Smokers

By Shireen Ismael

According to the survey conducted by National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (1996), every year, approximately four million women become pregnant. Among them, about 20.4 % are cigarette smokers, 18.8% are alcoholics and 13% abuse other drugs during the period of pregnancy.

Drug Demand Reduction
By Grainne Kenny
An estimated 200 million people, or 5% of the global population aged between 15-64yrs have used illicit drugs at least once in the past year. Britain and Ireland have the highest number of drug and alcohol users in Europe. Cannabis is still the most widely used drug worldwide and in Italy 10% of the population smoke cannabis on a regular daily basis. There is a well-organized and well financed movement worldwide to legalize this very dangerous and addictive drug. The main financier behind this movement is US based but Hungarian born George Soros
Consequences of Tobacco Use (Gutka)
By Haider Ali
Tobacco is frequently being used in two ways. Some people use smoke tobacco by using cigarette/ hukka, whereas some chew tobacco (gutka). Both methods of using tobacco are harmful for health.
A myth about hukka is that it is good for health. It is also taken as tradition and has been using for a long time. No empirical data is available to address the health effects associated with hukka use. But researchers have explored the effects of tobacco in form of cigarette on physical and psychological health.
Shisha Smoking: A Risk to Health

By Haider Ali
Shisha is being used as a fashion. Shisha bar has been formally opened. Now, restaurants are serving shisha with other food items. Shisha is also being used in family gathering, marriage ceremony and other get-together. More than 100 million people worldwide found to be smoking shisha daily. It is a common practice in Eastern Countries like; Turkey, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and China. In Pakistan, Shisha is known as Hukka. Other names of Shisha are Water Pipe or Narghile.
Myths About Drug Abuse
By Haider Ali
People adhered to different myths  regarding drug abuse problems. Some myths are culture or tradition related, some are deemed as demand of the situation and some of them are adhered according to own interest. More or less, all kinds of drugs have been associated with different kinds of myth. These myths are as follows; Taking alcohol is permitted in my religion. There is no harm to use it in appropriate way By taking this medicine I will be more energetic to study beyond my optimal level. I am medical student and need it a lot.
Steroid Use Can Make You Addict
By Haider Ali
Steroids are essential for body to fight with stress and to enhance body growth. These steroids are naturally produced in the body. Steroids are available in form of roids, juice, hype, weight trainers, gym candy, and pumpers. Steroids are being used as supplement but in fact, frequent use of these drugs can put side effects for users. People use steroids pills, gels, creams and injection in order to enhance their stamina to perform well in the relevant field Steroids lead to numerous side effects, such as; hypertension, increased total cholesterol levels, acne, hair loss and baldness, gynecomastia, excessive
Drug Abuse and Human Rights
By Grainne Kenny
Perhaps we could begin by looking at the rights of offenders ...the drug abuser themselves.Here too we must include the so called recreational user. It's like comparing apples and oranges.  How can you describe a drug abusing person (all illegal use of drugs use is abuse) as a recreational user
If you get cancer, is it 'recreational until it become tertiary?  because this is precisely what we are doing to drug using men and women...boys and girls.
Poison of Heroin
By Haider Ali
Standing at the bus top of Esa Nagri, you come across the drug abusers wearing dirty clothes, begging to passerby for food/ drugs and injecting them and to each other.  Some of them are young, or it is better to say that they must have been in college or university. They sleep under the pedestrian or in shelters made for people waiting for public transport. In the morning they are found to be sleeping there. These places are their home, restaurant, earning place etc. They have been named as powdree, heroinchi, jahaz etc.
Drug Free Nation 2019
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