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By the grace of Allah Almighty, we have prepared a self-help booklet for guiding our youth so that they learn to stay away from drugs. This booklet has been published by Drug Free Nation working on drug abuse prevention
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Story 2
Be Alert to Save Your Children
Every one of us dreams of something special in life. Being a   mother of three   sons, I used to dream of bright future of family.  Read Full Story

Story 3
Marriage Is Not A Treatment
I hailed from an upper-class and religious family. My eldest brother was very brilliant and social person. My father used to  Read Full Story

Story 4
Harsh Parenting Brings Disaster
I belonged to a religious family and was given a lot of respect from community. My father was very strict and he tried to handle  Read Full Story

Story  5
Things are not
the substitute of Love
Like others, my parents too desired to get me married as soon as possible.  At the age of 21,   Read Full Story

Story 6
A Ray Of Hope is Always There
I belonged to a lower class family. There was only one room in my house for 8 family members. My mother, despite being   Read Full Story

Story  7
No Ray of Hope
I was living happily with my husband and three children.  They were getting quality of education and I was dreaming of their success   Read Full Story

Story 8
Endless Misery
I got married at the age of 16. My husband was a factory worker. After two months of my marriage, I came to know Read Full Story

Story 9
When Parents Become Horrible
I  saw my father abusing my mother  in my early childhood. He used to beat my mother and  to call  her with bad names. I along   Read Full Story

Story 10
Pain of Social Isolation
Drug addiction derailed my family's reputation and wealth. My elder brother is an addict; therefore, his wife left him putting .  Read Full Story

Story 11
Dream That Never Come True
My husband was a hardworking man. He wanted to make our son a doctor. My only son was a brilliant student. He always got .  Read Full Story

Story 12
Flowers Died Before Blooming
I was very happy when my 20 years old son got a job in government sector. He was very handsome. I used to feel proud of him. I . Read Full Story

Story 13
Life Time Grief
My cousin has been addicted to drug for last 15 years.  My uncle's family has faced a lot of problem.  Many times, he has been. Read Full Story

Story 1
May I be Understood? 
It is said that woman is a very emotional creature. If it is true, then why people around us do not try to understand what a woman feels and thinks.  Read Full Story

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