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By the grace of Allah Almighty, we have prepared a self-help booklet for guiding our youth so that they learn to stay away from drugs. This booklet has been published by Drug Free Nation working on drug abuse prevention
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Q-18: I am 19 years old, and doing bachelor in Computer Science. My father is a heroin addict and ruined all of this property. My mother is a very hardworking woman. She is masters in Economics and doing a good job for us. I have 15 years old brother who is studying in grade ten. We both are struggling for a better future with the help of our mother. We all did our best to convince our father to get back from drug addiction but he never cared of us. He snatches money from my mother for drugs. Whenever, my mother asked for divorce, he put down his head on her feet and requested her not to leave him alone. He continuously weeps to gain sympathy from us. People do not like to visit our home because of him. He is my father and I do not want to leave him but how could I make him realize that drug abuse is destroying our entire family.  Farah-Bhawalpur

A: Dear Farah, first of all , we appreciate you for continuing your struggle for better future. Your mother is indeed doing a great job, and you too are giving her hope by focusing on your studies. Like other girls, you too love your father very much and do not want him to be destroying by drug abuse. It is not possible to convince drug abuser for giving up drugs because drugs impair their cognitive functioning. Sometimes, we have to take drug addicts under treatment without their consent. You with the help of your relatives (male) to get him admitted in treatment centre without informing him. Let him remain in the treatment centre for few months, where his body will be detoxified from drugs. Moreover, he will be attended by psychologists who can make him understand better his problems. Arguments, discussion never work out with drug abusers. Only quality of treatment, professional assistance and family support can get them back to life. If there in no treatment centre for drug addicts in Bhawalpur, then you can approach other cities, like Lahore, Daska, Gujranawala where exclusive treatment is being provided to drug abusers. DFN

Name and place of sender have been replaced to maintain confidentiality. Keep sending your queries without hesitation to drug free nation at Dfn.pak@gmail.com
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