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By the grace of Allah Almighty, we have prepared a self-help booklet for guiding our youth so that they learn to stay away from drugs. This booklet has been published by Drug Free Nation working on drug abuse prevention
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Q-3:  My husband died of overdose 10 months ago. He left nothing for us to utilize. I have two  school going children. I earned the degree the F.Sc before marriage.  My husband was employed in a government sector and we were living happily. After becoming heroin addict, my husband was terminated from job. I got treatment for him but he relapsed many times. Once he injected himself and died of overdose. After his death, no one supported us. Even my own brothers do not support me. One of my sisters is cooperative with me. My mother is not in a position to help me. I have to run my kitchen along with making my children educated. I also got help from a welfare organization. Once my son heard other children saying, " Is ka paab heroinchi tha" ( his father was an addict).  When my son told me, I started weeping. I have multiple problems in my life. I curse my fate.
                                         Gul - Karachi
A: The problems you have in your life are being faced by many others due to bad economic condition. Usually, family of drug addicts has to go through pathetic condition owing to financial constraints, social stigma, social isolation and guilt. The positive thing we see in your case is the degree you have. You studied science subjects till grade 12. You would have knowledge and skills to be utilized for being self-supporting. You can revise your lesson, apply in schools and also give tuition at home.  You can also request to welfare organization from you have been getting help for further help in this regard. There are some welfare organizations in Karachi city which are providing opportunities to enhance occupational skills. You can contact them to teach you computer skills. You will find many opportunities once you come out of your depression. Stop thinking about what your husband was doing and how glorious your past was. You have to work for today. As far as attitude of people is concerned, they are habituated to laugh at others. If your husband had alive and living normal life, then people would have been teasing you in other ways. So, let them comment and you just focus on yourself and your children. When people see you working hard and leading a sober life, they will appreciate you one day. Stand up and strive from today. You can also contact us for further kind of help.  DFN

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