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5- Strategies To Deal Traumatic Events
By Riffat Sadiq
Any trauma in our lives leaves behind negative feelings, anger, hopelessness and sadness. If these feelings and thoughts are not overcome on time may lead to psychological disorders in future. All kinds of psychological disorders impair personal, social and occupational life. Traumatic experiences such as; death of loved one, divorce, physical and sexual abuse have profound impact on our memories. In order to escape from these painful memories, a person either accepts death or indulges himself in those activities which stop him from thinking about the trauma.  Addiction is one of the behavior or activity that seems to be a solution for escape to addicts.
There are many people who became addict after traumatic experiences which were not endurable for them. Being obsessed by drugs, for them, was better than to think about painful past experience. Realistically, addiction is not a solution but brings several problems that make human being like a slum dog that is beaten and kicked by every one.
Following are 5 strategies that can you help to overcome your negative thoughts and feelings associated with past experience;
1-I am not the only one:
Think for a while, you are not the only one who has experience such trauma. So many people around you are having same problems. It will keep happening when you will be no more in this world. You are not the only one who has been cheated, kicked, tortured or abused by significant or insignificant one. This way of thinking will reduce your negative feelings and emotions.
2- It is a trial:
Any trauma, accident is from Almighty as a trial for us in this world. Almighty puts human being in different kinds of problematic situations to test them. You, too, have been selected for this trial, for a definite time, which you are presently facing. When time gets over, your trial will be disappeared and Almighty will open new door for you.
3- Ask for tolerance and Patience:
Seek help from Almighty and request him to provide you enough patience and tolerance to endure this pain. He will open your mind and make you patient to face all hurdles and pain regarding your problem.
4-Talk to significant one:
Do not hide your feelings and pain from others. Concealing inner feelings make our inner like a volcano which can be burst any time.  By discussing whatever you are feeling and thinking with significant one will help you to feel relaxed and to overcome your negative emotions.
5-Get help from professionals:
Pertaining to your problems, try to get help from professional (psychologist). Professional help will facilitate you to express all hidden feelings and emotions associated with traumatic experience. An emotionally supportive environment provided by professional

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