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By the grace of Allah Almighty, we have prepared a self-help booklet for guiding our youth so that they learn to stay away from drugs. This booklet has been published by Drug Free Nation working on drug abuse prevention
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Anger Management
By Shereen Ismaeel
Anger is a natural human emotion and every individual experiences some form of anger. It is not possible to be completely free from anger but we can manage it effectively in daily lives. Anger can lead to various behavioral problems such as; smoking and other drug abuse problems.  Suppression of angry feelings and thoughts are not the solution but increase your negativity. There is need to express anger in productive way.
Following are some tips that help you to manage your anger.          
1-Deep breathing:
Sit calmly on the chair, close your eyes and start inhaling and exhaling. First inhale and then exhale slowly. While exhaling say to you, relax. Do daily this exercise for 5 minutes. You will see improvement in yourself.
2-Physical exercise:
Do physical exercise such as; jogging, cycling etc. These exercises will release your physical energy and help you to express your anger.
3-Accept yourself:
Try to accept whatever you are. Accept your past, present, drawbacks, mistakes, capabilities, position etc. Do not compare yourself with others.
4-Forgive yourself:
Whatever you did in past, try to forgive your self over that, learn from mistakes and go ahead. Every one does mistakes, do not regret too much what you have done
5-Forgive others:
If someone has mistreated you, then forgive him/her. Do not ruminate about others; it will increase your pain. As a result, you will not be productive as you desire to be. People are not perfect, so forgive them so that you can achieve your life goal.

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