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Effectiveness of Family Therapy
By Munnaza Mehmood
It is fact that if one family member is addicted, the whole family environment is badly affected. Drug abuse problems make other family members mentally, physically and socially ill. For this reason, family members become themselves co-dependents and suffer from numbers of psychological problems. They provide money to their patient to escape from the problematic situation.

Therefore, health professionals, besides treating addicts, recommend family therapy so that family can play its role in the treatment of family member. Family therapy focuses on entire family, treat psychological problems and assist in facing social problems. Unhealthy coping mechanism in family members of drug addicts affects the treatment process. When patient, after detoxification, goes back home and faces same dysfunctional patterns, he can not stay away from drugs too long. In order to have addict in long term recovery, a healthy change is needed in family patterns.  Hence, Family therapists focus on entire family.

Psychological problems which are oblivious in family members are fear and rejection. Usually, drug addict's family receives rejection and criticism from society which results in psychological problems like depression, aggression and hopelessness. They could not perform their social roles and become dysfunctional. Therefore, it is necessary to treat their psychological problems so that they become functional member of society besides working hard for the recovery of their addict family member.

Researches have shown that dysfunctional family in one cause of indulging in drug addiction. Additionally, family dysfunctional patterns are hindrance in the treatment and recovery of patient. And family therapy facilitates the treatment and rehabilitation process of drug addicts and also improves the mental health of whole family.

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