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Aftercare Services for Recovering Drug Addicts
By Riffat Sadiq
Drug abuse is a disease which needs to be focused of intensive care even after providing quality of detoxification and rehabilitation services to drug abusers. In order to sustain long term recovery, patients are provided aftercare services by same treatment and rehabilitation centers.
Following services are included in a comprehensive aftercare program;

Follow up:
Follow up is conducted by treatment centers in order to keep in touch with patient and his/her family. Patient is bound to visit for consultation regarding his or her disease and other problem as well. His family is also taken into consideration to make the patient merge in the mainstream.

Family Support Group:
Drug addiction is a disease that harms not only patient but also the whole family psychological, economically and emotionally. As a result, family becomes co-dependent and develops certain emotional and behavioral problems. Along this, family has to play a vital role in sustaining the recovery of patient. Therefore, family support groups are conducted in order to address the issues and problems pertaining to recovering drug addict and his whole family.

Ex-Addict Support Group:
Recovering addicts need to be closed to those who are either saved from drug abuse problems or trying to overcoming their drug addiction. They also need to be a part of group that has more or less similar problems so that they can share their feelings, emotions and problems on the same level. Considering this, ex-addict support groups are conducted to provide emotional supportive environment that further help in staying away from drug abusers.

Life Skill Training:
Owing to be indulged in drug addiction, an addict deteriorates his skills that help him to be a part of mainstream. Therefore, life skill training (e.g, stress management, problem solving) is provided to recovering addicts so that they can re-construct their skills to be survive in their external environment

Vocational Training:
In order to make an addict self-supporting, vocational training is provided to enhance his or her occupational skills. Usually, recovering addicts are referred to vocational institutes where they learn different technical occupation to earn money
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