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By the grace of Allah Almighty, we have prepared a self-help booklet for guiding our youth so that they learn to stay away from drugs. This booklet has been published by Drug Free Nation working on drug abuse prevention
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Family & Drug Abuse Problems Among Children
By Shireen Ismael
Family is the first institution for the child to learn the lessons of being good human, responsible citizen and healthy member of his society. Parents always try to provide best to their children such as; food, shelter, education and love. There are parents who have ignored their personal needs in order to facilitate their children.
In spite  of  that a large number of  children  are under  the  influence  of  drugs and  others  social  evils . There are multiple reasons for the involvement of children in drug abuse. One of them is the family environment in which a child mentally, morally and physically grows.
It has been observed that in Pakistan, family environment is one of major cause of developing delinquent behaviors among children. Use of gutka,  cigarettes , huka , gurako , Paan ,  betel  nut, naswar,  rattan  and  awa etc  by elder present the role model for children. Family members set example for their children by using these dangerous
Many times, it is reported that elders ask their children to purchase these dangerous substance for them. You can see the children purchasing these substances from the paan shops in your area.
Use of these dangerous substances by family members put the children at great risk of being addicted to paan, gutka, chalia and cigarette in future. Parents or other family members are too busy in variety of duties that they do not find sufficient time for their children to develop the sense of right and wrong.
Most of the children spend a lot of time to be sitting outside the home with other children. They also observe other people using these things.
Fathers smoke while carrying the children.  Passive smoking of tobacco is as dangerous for children as for active smoker.
It also has been reported that some mothers give cough syrup, opium and others substance to their infant children so they may sleep for hours without disturbing them. 
Mothers often hide the bad activities of their child from fathers and as a result, their children become out of control of parents.
There is additional misfortune in our society is that when someone complains to parents about their children, parents take it their heart and absolutely deny of something wrong in their children. They do not bother to investigate the matter. The time comes, when they can not do more than lamenting.

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