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By the grace of Allah Almighty, we have prepared a self-help booklet for guiding our youth so that they learn to stay away from drugs. This booklet has been published by Drug Free Nation working on drug abuse prevention
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Duties of Parents
By Dr. Qurat-ul-Ain
Parents are most significant figures for a child. Nothing can be substitute of parents. To be parents mean to pay all naturally assigned duties to raise their children in positive environment so that they become disciplined citizens of society. Following are some of the naturally assign duties to be good parents.

1.Avoid unnecessary/harmful activities during pregnancy:

It is evident by scientific researches that a child in a womb of woman is largely affected by physical, emotional condition of his or her mother. Mother's eating, sleeping habits, mental health and social activities influence the development t of child before birth. Genetics and  biochemical changes play vital role in this regard. If a mother smokes or use any other substance/drug during pregnancy, there are more chances of transferring these germs into child's body. After birth, these germs appear affecting the growth of innocent child which are referred to as genetic problems. Some argues that drug abuse problems are also determined by biological factors.

2. Don't smoke sitting with children

Researches highlight the harmful effects of both active smoking and  passive smoking. When parents smoke in front of children, parents will be active smokers and their children will be passive smokers. Being passive smokers, children are at great risk of having physical and psychological problems.

3.  Be a good role model for children

Using drugs sitting with children depicts bad role model for children. There are more chances of  using drugs in later life among children of drug abusers. Children copy their parents, behaviors, coping strategies and life style. A positive role model prevents children from developing negative behaviors and illegal acts such as drug abuse

4.  Raise your children as good human being

Provide education along with strict keep and check on your children. Only education is not enough to make them good human being. It is essential to provide them proper training regarding their behaviors and routine life. They learn from you how to live, behave and adjust in the society.

5. Earn bread for children honestly

Try to fulfill all basic needs of your children but in an honest way. If you pay your duty honestly and sincerely, it will be easy for you to teach moral values to your children. They will learn from you to achieve their goals in a proper way and will never try to look for short cut just to gratify their needs

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