Let me Live
I did not want to stay at home. I used to hate my family and home because of frequent quarrel between my parents. My parents used to beat me and my siblings. Therefore, I ran from home and reached to Karachi. I used to live on railway station and beg to passengers for money.

One day, a man caught me for sexual abuse. Second time, I was sexually abused by a leader of street gang who later on forced me to join his gang. At the age of 16, I had become a sex worker. I was provided a mobile phone to be kept in touch with clients. My clients and gang leader has beaten me many times. The boys in my group were addicted to samad bond and other drugs. Me, too became addicted to drugs.

When I reached to 18, I escaped from there. Some people from a welfare organization helped me and I was provided psychological counseling. I was also taught photography that I opted as a profession. I was happy at that time but one year back, police locked me in prison putting false allegations on me. They confiscated my camera. When I came out, I gain was sexually abused. That incident had taken me to the environment from where I had escaped. Due to that, I made a gang by my own to show people that I was a strong person. Now no one dares to touch me.
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