My parents all the time had kept criticizing me. Their taunts of disobedient, stupid and immature son left wounds on my mind from which I could not get rid of. I used to suppress my anger.Later on, my anger was converted into aggression that I used to express outside. Sometimes, I broke the things. One day, my friend offered me a cigarette. He assured me that cigarette is the best way of releasing aggression. I did not know that cigarette was full of cannabis. I used that and became a cannabis user.

After some time, I diverted to heroin. Now, I am a chronic drug abuser. My father has died and mother is living with elder brother. My brother is not ready to keep me in home. I am living on street with other drug abusers. I relied on my friend blindly and reached to the brink of destruction. I suggest all those, who are disturbed due to the family problems, not to use drugs whatever the problem is there. If I had worked hard to improve myself then I would have never fallen in this
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