My marriage was arranged to my cousin who was addicted to cannabis. My family was dwelling in Hyderabad and my husband's family was in Karachi. Therefore, my family did not have idea that my husband is an addict. My in-laws arranged our marriage thinking that I will handle their son. After marriage, I came to know that my husband was drug abusers. He had started using heroin and since that day he could not recover.
I have two children one daughter and one son. I had the degree of F.A and started teaching in a school. With the struggle of two years, I got the job of primary school teachers in a government school. I worked hard to raise my children. Now, my 17 years old son is studying in college and doing part time job to support me. My 19 years daughter is also running a tuition academy.
With the support of my children, I bought a plot of 80 Sqr in a low privileged area. Then I got it constructed. I am thankful to Allah that I have my own home and my children are educated and hardworking. But one thing I notice in my children is that they avoid meeting people like others. All the time, they remain busy in doing something. The life of us is confined to home to work and work to home. Only I go to attend the gathering when I am invited. My children do not like to participate in social activities. Absence of father's love and support did not let them smile wholeheartedly. They had been seeing people complaining of their father to me. These painful memories still disturb them.
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