I belonged to a drug abusing family. My three brothers were drug addicts. My home was just like a hell. I had to go school without having breakfast and with dirty uniform. For that reason, I had been punished much times but I continued my studies and successfully got the bachelor degree.
Due to my family environment, I used to stay outside late night. Even I did not like to take my meal at home I take my three meals from outside my home. Due to overburden, I got tired and started taking cigarette and then I tilted toward cannabis but no one knew that. At the of 30 I got married and soon became the father of baby girl. Her birth brought changes in my life. I used to take her outside on my bike. One day I noticed that she was smelling petrol from my motorcycle that made me alert. I discuss these matters with my office friend. He suggested me to quit drugs as soon as possible in order to save my daughter. I agreed and did the same. Now I am living a happy life and have said goodbye to all kinds of drugs.
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