My brother is a chronic drug user. He also has been involved in drug related crimes and arrested twice. Once, police found drugs in his pocket and inquired about that. He said to police that drugs belong to me. I was shocked to hear that. With the grace of Allah Almighty, Police did not believe in him and kept in prison for some days.
                                 FROM SOBRIETY TO SUCCESS (STORY 1)

I belonged to an upper class family. My family business was flourishing. Me, too, was involved in business and was given sufficient profit. I also used to spend my times with my friends who were casual drinkers. Upon their insistence, I drank and used bhang. As the time passed, I became a chronic alcohol user that resulted in loss of interest in business.

My parents all the time had kept criticizing me. Their taunts of disobedient, stupid and immature son left wounds on my mind from which I could not get rid of. I used to suppress my anger.Later on, my anger was converted into aggression that I used to express outside.
Recognize your Foe

My father was a business man. I started going to oil shop with my father at early age. Our business was flourishing. By the end of each month, a group used to come to collect bhata (extortion) from my father. I got angry but my father always stopped me from expressing my anger in front of them.

I was eldest son of my parents. I was causal drinker. I used to drink twice in a month. Once I received a call from police station about the arrest of my younger brother for the offense of drug peddling. I rushed to police station to save my brother. Somehow, I managed to take him back to home.

My marriage was arranged to my cousin who was addicted to cannabis. My family was dwelling in Hyderabad and my husband's family was in Karachi. Therefore, my family did not have idea that my husband is an addict. My in-laws arranged our marriage thinking that I will handle their son. After marriage, I came to know that my husband was drug abusers
When Dreams Shattered

I hailed from a respectable family. Being a single child, I had been centre of attention of my family. At the age of 5, I started going to a renowned school of the city. I was in good book of my teachers. When I was in grade ten, two new students got admission in my class. Both of them became my friends. We used to spend most of our time together.

I belonged to a drug abusing family. My three brothers were drug addicts. My home was just like a hell. I had to go school without having breakfast and with dirty uniform. For that reason, I had been punished much times but I continued my studies and successfully got the bachelor degree.
Balance Your Love While Upbringing Children

I always have been unsatisfied with my gender. Being I male, I always felt like a female. My habits and way of talking were similar to girls. I was fifth among five siblings. Being an only and youngest brother of four elder sisters, I was very dear of my entire family. During childhood, I was not allowed to go out to play with other children of same or opposite sex
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I did not want to stay at home. I used to hate my family and home because of frequent quarrel between my parents. My parents used to beat me and my siblings. Therefore, I ran from home and reached to Karachi. I used to live on railway station and beg to passengers for money.One day, a man caught me for sexual abuse. Second time, I was sexually abused by a leader of street gang who later on forced me to join his gang. At the age of 16, I had become a sex worker. I was provided a mobile phone to be kept in touch with clients.
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