My today recovery is not less than a miracle. Having treated for 18 times, I was hopeless that I would ever be recovered from drug abuse. My family spent a huge amount on my treatment. My mother sold gold jewelry and brother sold his motor cycle. But nothing can heal you until you ultimately decide to be sober.
Jumping In Swamp

I was a gambler and whenever I won money, I spent on girls and drugs. My alcoholism is the result of gambling. Once my friend suggested me to sell drugs for money and I did so. I was arrested three times. My family sent me abroad where I stayed away from drugs for three years. I was earning good.

Recovering from drug abuse problems seemed impossible to me. I promised many times to quite drugs but did not. I got treatment for eight times but relapsed. I felt helpless and had suicidal thoughts at that time. I became a street addict. Once, a social worker convinced me to get treatment

My husband was a hardworking man. He wanted to make our son a doctor. My only son was a brilliant student. He always got distinctions in academics. He was a social kind of person, that's why, his social circle was very large. After my husband's death, entire responsibility was on my shoulders. Once
Drug Addiction Can Be A Learned Behavior

I had been observing my family taking gutka, naswar and huka. I was sent to purchase gutka many times for my elders. I saw them enjoying these substances. I developed strong desire to use these things by own. My elder family members used to buy gutka, chalia and naswar besides buying fruits and vegetables.

I am running a transport business very well. I am an owner of 50 buses and trucks. There are 200 hundred employees in my company. I am married and having three children.About 20 years back, I was an alcoholic. My family life was too upset because of my drinking behavior. I did not have control over my abusive behavior and used abusive words with my wife in front of my children. Whenever I was intoxicated, I used to shout at my wife and children.

My cousin has been addicted to drug for last 15 years. My uncle's family has faced a lot of problem. Many times, he has been arrested by police. He was provided treated 13 times. He relapses after few days of completing the treatments. A lot of money was spent on his treatment and bail. His mother (my aunt) is so worried about him. Someone suggested her to arrange the marriage of her addicted son,
Drug Abuse Brings Multidimensional Destruction

I started taking drugs in my school. One of my addicted class fellows offered me to test a cigarette filled with cannabis. I used that and became an addict. For this reason, I was rusticated from my school. My father forced me to work at appliance repairing shop. I did not use drug during 10 hours of working at shop that improved my efficiency and I used to be give good remuneration.

Drug addiction derailed my family's reputation and wealth. My elder brother is an addict; therefore, his wife left him putting the responsibility of children on us. Children are living with us without their mother. They are deprived of education because we have no enough resources to bear the expenses of their schooling. Drug related activities are shameful for my family.

Being 20 years old girl, I had dreamt of beautiful home, good husband and happy life. I, along with my dreams, was slaughtered for the sake of my elder sister. She was not financially supported by her husband who used to spend money profusely. My sister and family thought that my marriage would solve many problems of my sister.
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