By the grace of Allah I had everything which any person can desire. a happy family, a flourished business and a beautiful home . I always thanked Almighty for his benevolence upon me. After indulging in drug addiction, I lost everything. I knocked at the door of grave. I spent my days and nights under the bridge, begged for money to buy drugs and food.

Harsh Parenting Brings Disaster

I belonged to a religious family and was given a lot of respect from community. My father was very strict and he tried to handle us in traditional way. Therefore, I liked to stay out of home. Whenever, I came back home after 2 or 3 days, my father used to punish me that made me more rebellion. I had developed anger and hatred feelings toward my father and home.

I belonged to a poor family. Therefore, my parents arranged my marriage at early age, 15, to an old man. He was a chain smoker. I had spent only seven years of my life with him. After his death, I came back to my parents' home along with my five year old son. My sister-in-law was not ready to accept me and my son. Therefore, my parents found another match for me. That man was willing to take care of my son.

It is said that woman is a very emotional creature. If it is true, then why people around us do not try to understand what a woman feels and thinks. A woman, before marriage, dreams of a good life, a sweet home, lovely husband and family. After marriages, she has to face hard realities of marital life. I, too, had same feelings before marriage.I got married at the age of 22. After two and a half months of my marriage,
Short Cut Is Not A Solution

I belonged to lower-class family and I spent my childhood doing labor work. In teen age, I joined factory where both male and female used to work together. While doing my job, I fell in love with one of my colleague. She, too, used to love me. After some time, our marriage was arranged and with the consent of both of our families, we tied a knot at early age. After marriage, I had to work late night to meet the needs of family including parents, siblings, wife and children.

I am 15 years old and a recovering addict. I used samad bond for the first time at the age of 13. One of my school fellows, also my neighbor, was an addict of samad bond. We both used samad bond together. One day, my mother saw me using samad bond and complained to my father. My father took immediate action to recover me from the addiction.One of his friends was working in a treatment center for drug abusers.

My son is mentally retarded. At the age of 30, he behaves like a child. Few months back, some guys of my area forced him to use cannabis. He used and became addicted to it. Initially, they used to give him drug without taking money but as soon as he became addicted, they refused to give drug without money. Therefore, he quarreled with us to provide money to buy drug.
Don't play with other life

I was an adopted child. My real parents were belonging to lower-middle class whereas my adopted parents were from upper class. For this reason, my life style was different. I went to abroad with my adopted parents, got education and living in different environment.When I reached to the age of marriage, my adopted parents tried to find a suitable match for me.

I was living happily with my husband and three children. They were getting quality of education and I was dreaming of their success. My husband was doing business.Suddenly, I came to know that my husband has indulged in addiction. One day, my husband came late. When I inquired about that he started beating me.

I saw my father abusing my mother in my early childhood. He used to beat my mother and to call her with bad names. I along with my siblings used to sit quietly in the corner of home with great fear. I saw my mother weeping and grandmother cursing my father. He did not support us financially and wasted money in useless activities.
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