Escape Is Not The Solution

When I reached to the age of maturity, I felt to be detained and my home was like a cage for me. Neither we were allowed to go to visit our relatives, nor were they allowed (by my father) to come to our home. My father had been abusing us. At the age of 17, I ran away from home and started living with my friend. I used to work and very soon I also got married.

I was very happy when my 20 years old son got a job in government sector. He was very handsome. I used to feel proud of him. I wanted to arrange his marriage. I started finding a suitable girl for my son but nature had decided something else. When I asked my son to get married with someone, he refused. He had become a drug addict. Initially, I could not believe it.
Social Stigma Behind My Hopelessness

Addiction has snatched every thing from me. I belonged to a respectable family. My friends encouraged me to use cigarette. I did so at the age of 18, I became addict, using cannabis and alcohol. I could not study, destroyed my career and became dependent on other for whole life.

I was employed in government sector and was satisfied with my job. Due to work hard, I was promoted. One day I reached my office, I saw my senior drinking alcohol l, and he offered me. I took two packs and I felt energetic. I started drinking daily. One day, I drank too much, due to which I fell down on garbage while coming back home.

Despite being a poor family, we were satisfied and happy with our family environment. After marriage, my life was ruined. My husband was an alcoholic and used to beat me if I stopped him from taking alcohol. He wasted his money on alcohol. I was blessed with three children. My elder brother used to financially help me.
Hopelessness Brings Further Destruction

My family was considered a respectable family of my town. I also have been a good student and got through the matriculation exams with good marks. After that, I had a lot of spare time therefore, I started sitting with boys of my town. I used to enjoy in that company. One of those boys was using alcohol but we all ignored him.
I had been dearest of my family because of only son. I had two elder sisters who got married. My parents passed away during my teen age; therefore, I had to live with my relatives. They did not care me as they were for their own children. I used to feel it a lot and started staying out of home. One day, I left my city and started working in a hotel of New City.

I belonged to a lower class family. There was only one room in my house for 8 family members. My mother, despite being an illiterate woman, tried to make us educated. We used to go to government school. As soon I passed the grade ten, level, my family arranged my marriage to a businessman. I was his second wife. He was an alcoholic.

I was about to reach to my grave. I had lost everything, my time, money, relations etc. I used to live under the bridge and sometimes in the graveyard. My both parents died and brothers were settled in America. I used to beg standing at bus terminals. My younger sister tried hard to get me out of this miserable life. Many times, she came to me while I was sitting under the bridge

I am 33 years old, married and having a son. 7 years back, I married to a man of my choice. My husband never supported me, neither financially nor emotionally. I used to do job to gratify my basic needs. I did a lot for my husband in terms of money, time and love. But he never acknowledged my contribution. His attitude diminished my will to live, and slowly I lost hope and became depressed.
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