Like others, my parents too desired to get me married as soon as possible. At the age of 21, my marriage was arranged to a guy belonging to upper family with the help of match maker. My parents were too happy with that because I was to going to be married in upper class. My husband was having master degree in mathematics but he never worked anywhere. After marriage

I was an alcoholic abuser and wasted a lot of money on drinking with my friends. My brothers were settled in their lives but I could not due to my addiction. My mother used to be worried because of my problem. She wanted me to be settled in my live like my brothers but I did not care about that. When my relatives came to know about my addiction, they started avoiding me.

I hailed from an upper-class and religious family. My eldest brother was very brilliant and social person. My father used to proud of him and used to give a handsome pocket money. But he spent his money to please his university friends. He had friendly nature and gained prominent position in the social circle. He joined a group that ruined his life.
Imitating Behavior Leads To Addiction

Though, I was youngest in my family, I got too much attention and love from all of my family members. I was close to my eldest brother who was addicted to cannabis. He used to smoke cannabis in front of me. I used to notice him and one day, in his absence, I took one cigratte. I did not know how to smoke but I tried.

I belonged to an educated family. My father was employed in a renowned company but used to busy in his work. Having appeared in graduation exam, I had no other activity except sitting with friends just to pass the time. The friends with I used to spend most of my time were alcohol users. One day, they offered me alcohol and I could not resist

Every one of us dreams of something special in life. Being a mother of three sons, I used to dream of bright future of family. My husband was settled in USA. My children were studying in well standard schools. My eldest son studying in grade 12 started smoking and I was informed by one of my relative. I could not believe it but after few days,
Leading a dead life

When I was 22 years old, I got engaged with an educated boy belonging to a respectable family. I was very happy but after few months after, my relationship was broken and my fiancé got married to another girl. That heartbreak resulted in depression. I consulted doctor and overcame my depression. I tried to come back to my life again. After one year, I got married to someone else.

I belonged to a community where cultivation of opium is a common practice. My family was also doing that business. At the age of 17, I came to Karachi to assist my uncle in his business of drug trafficking. His business was well established in the city. I was given responsibility of drug supply.
Nothing else, Just Regret

I was addicted to drugs for almost 3 years. My parents decided to arrange my marriage with the hope that my wife would handle me. I got married with the girl whom I never knew before. She was not my relative. My family kept my drug abuse problem in secret. After marriage, my wife came to know that I was a drug abuser.
Drug Addiction: A Escape From Reality

Before addiction, my life was smoothly running being with my family, my wife and two children. Due to frequent power failure in my residential area during hot days, I used to spend time sitting outside in park near to my home.Youngsters used to smoke during that time. They were chain smoker and some of them were hashish smokers.
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