I was the only brother of four sisters and dearest to my family. I was very close to my parents. We were living happily. My three sisters got married. My parents used to love me a lot. I could not live with them but one day, they went away forever. In a road accident, my both parents died living me and my sister behind. I could not bear it and got depressed for a long time.
Parents Separation Behind My Addiction

When I was seven years old, my father divorced my mother and got second marriage. Initially, my step mother' attitude was good but after the birth of my step brothers, she was totally changed. She used to beat me and frequently complained to my father. He also used to beat me; therefore, I escaped from home and reached Karachi.I had no job and shelter. I started living at railway station. There were other street children living at railway station.
Addiction to Drug is a Hell

All the time, I used to be sitting with drug addicts. I was diagnosed with HIV positive because of being injection users. I used to share syringes with other drug addicts. When, it was disclosed to my family, my sister-in-law forced my brother to expel me from home. Therefore, I had to leave my home and family. I was provided medicine from a social worker for three years.

I was shocked to get the news of younger brother's death. When he reached in high school, he had started taking gutka. But we did notice it like others people. Because in our society, it is not considered as dangerous as others drug like heroin. After graduation I got married and went to USA.

I am the only sister of three brothers was very dearest to all of my family. At the age of 23 I got married. After two years of my marriage, my husband became addicted to drugs. He initially took cannabis, alcohol and then became habituated to heroin. I got him admitted to treatment centers for many times but he could not be recovered.

I got married at early age and Almighty blessed me with six sons. Despite belonging to lower class family, we were living happily. I wanted my children to be educated. Unfortunately, drug was easily available in my locality. My elder son also became addict. I arranged his marriage and thought that after marriage he would be recovered but he did not stop taking drugs.

When I was 10 years old, my mother died and my father got second marriage. My step mother used to ignore him and in the absence of my father used to shout at me. I told my father all the situation but I felt that my father was helpless. I lost my interest in studies. I left my house for school but I did not go to school. I used to spend my time on the street. I made new friends.
Regret Further Destroys You

Two drug addicts died today because of cold. I am also feeling cold sitting under the bridge. As usual, two drug peddlers came to us to sell drugs. I saw other youngsters to purchase drugs. When I saw a young guy, will be around 21, I remembered my own young life. I was very smart and healthy. I was very famous in the university. Other students desired to make me their friend because of my active participation in class and extracurricular activities

I belonged to upper class family and father was an industrialist. At the age of 17, I started going to factory with my father. One day, I met with an MPA's brother and very soon we both became good friends. He was cannabis user and owing to his company, I also became addict. Till the age of 25, I had become a heroin user. When my family knew that, they arranged my marriage. My wife did not know about my addiction. My wife was very good and hardworking lady

I was born in poor and dysfunctional family. I never went to school and used new attire. My grandmother kept accusing my father. My father was a drug addict. My grandmother arranged his marriage despite knowing his addiction. After two months of marriage, my mother came to know about my father's addiction
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