In past, I was not a good student. I escaped from schools many times. My teachers and parents tried their best to make me realize the importance of education but I did pay my head to their advices. One day my father beat me harshly and I ran away from home. In new city, I looked for a job but could not have. I lived on street with other children.

I am running a gym. I am admired because of my physical fitness. In gym, my students idealize me and they try to make their body as strong as mine. I participated in many program conducted on national and international level. I have a lot of respect due to my achievements. There was a time when I had been a heroin addict. I used to live under the bridge. I did not have any respect in society.
My Destruction With My Own Self

Every day I have to beg for drugs. My leg has been affected owing to overuse of injections. Some out reach workers of NGO come here weakly for giving medicines and bandage to addicts. I have to whole weak wait for them for dressing of my infected leg . I have to spend my days and nights under the bridge . I always remember my good days and my family.
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