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Women: Most affected family member of drug abusers
By Riffat Sadiq
Woman has been empirically proved as most affected family members of all kinds of drug abusers.  She suffers from variety of problems such as; economic burden, psychological problems, social dysfunction and rejection. A woman is socially responsible to take care of her home/children, and to fulfill all of her responsibilities, she should be provided considerable financial, moral and emotional support from male family member.
When earning member of the family indulges in addiction, then a woman has to come out of her home to earn enough to be survived in the community. Dual responsibilities put a huge burden on her. Being a wife, she suffers from different psychological and emotional problems such as; depression, anxiety, somatic complaints, social dysfunction, anger and hostility (Ali & Sadiq, 2011) and becomes co-dependents (Makvand-Hosseini, Bigdeli & Aghabeigi, 2009).
Furthermore, she, being a sister and daughter, receives social rejection. People hesitate to get marry to a girl whose father/brother is a drug abuser. Even, she is deprived of good friends and social life. Drug addiction of male family member becomes a social stigma for female family member.
Mother in older age, instead of being taken care of her son, has to work a lot to run household expenses. Besides, she has to face her society and reaches to her death with the pain of child's destruction. Adjustment of children in their lives is a dream of every mother. Unfortunately, this dream of an addict's mother does not come true.
In short, woman in all roles (mother, wife, sister and daughter) suffers a lot economically, psychologically and socially when her male family member starts abusing drugs. Drug abuse prevention program is a need of time to save the women from destruction besides preventing the people from indulging in the swamp of drugs.

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