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Is There Any Home For Me?
By  Saima Khursheed
I always heard people saying that there is no home for a woman on the earth planet. She is born as a temporary resident of her parents' home, and one day she has to move to another place. After marriage, she dwells in her husband's home and in older age, she has to live where her children live. Now, I admit it wholeheartedly that a woman spends her whole in another's home who rarely understands her feelings.
One of cousin got married at very early age because her parents believed that girls should get marry as soon as possible. Even, they did not let her to complete her education. After 3 years of her marriage, her husband became cannabis user and alcoholic. Then, he shifted to heroin addiction, lost her job and ruined all finance. My cousin was having two sons. Her husband reached to street and no one was there to financially support her. She was not educated enough to have a good job.
Her father had passed away and mother took her to her own home. But her brothers and their wives were not willing to support her. Frequent criticism and taunting was unbearable for her, and she decided to leave her brother's home. She started working in a factory and shifted to a rented home. She struggled for 22 years and made her children educated and successful citizens of the society.
When her elder son got a job in a renowned company, she was very happy. But nature wanted to test her more. After marriage, her elder son moved to England and did not return yet.  She is living with another son whose wife does not take care of her at all. A mother who struggled throughout her life for children is treated as if she is burden for them. She is bearing it and says to me that there is no home for me; there is no home for a woman.

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