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Drug Abuse among Professional Students
By Safia Umer
All kinds of drugs illicit or licit are being used in all over the world. Pakistan also has been entangled and ration of drug abusers has gone up to the 6 million. Children, adolescents and adult including men and women have addicted to various kinds of drugs. Students also have been addicted to different drugs. Unfortunately, students of professional institutes are also abusing drugs. Although, no a single research has been conducted to find fact and figures of drug abuse among professional students but real cases reported to drug treatment and rehabilitation centers  highlighted this problem.
The most common use drugs among professional students (future doctors/engineers) is prescribed drug abuse and analgesic. They have to study a lot to compete their fellows. Though, professional education is daunting task and they need to get high to study late night. In order to overcome fatigue and study more and more, they take medicines that enhance their stamina to work hard.  They also use painkillers to be relaxed. But they do not realize that the use of such kind of medical will make them addict one day.
Students should keep in mind that they have to compete others within the resources (talent, energy, skills) they have been gifted by nature It is also the responsibilities of parents and teachers of professionals institutes to make aware the students of effects of inappropriate use of tranquilizers, painkillers and medicines. Media should also play their role in the prevention of drug abuse among students.

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