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By the grace of Allah Almighty, we have prepared a self-help booklet for guiding our youth so that they learn to stay away from drugs. This booklet has been published by Drug Free Nation working on drug abuse prevention
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Importance of Teacher- Student Relation
By Safia Umer
Teacher always has been a substitute of parents for all of us. Religion and society also emphasize on strengthening the teacher-student relation. According to Islamic teaching, a teacher is like a parent, therefore, he or she must be respected. On the other hand, student also needs careful supervision and proper guidance from his/her teacher concerning academic career. Not only academic career is important, but to be a good human being should be a core objective of a student.
It is only possible when teacher and student both cooperate to each other by maintain a proper teacher-student relation according to the societal and religious norms. Every relation has certain limits and exceeding those limits may jeopardize the relation. With care of all limits and capabilities, a good relation between teacher and student can prevent different behavioral and emotional problems among students. The problem of drug abuse is getting high among students.
Students are addicted to variety of drugs such as; betel nut, tobacco, tranquilizers, alcohol, cannabis, crystal, heroin and so forth. Parents remain unaware of outside activities of their children. In educational institute, they waste their time, not paying attention to curricular activities and more attentive towards peer relations. They have complains from their teachers not delivering lectures effectively. Teachers are found to be complaining of their students misbehaving with them. A huge gap exists between teacher and student.
This gap can be reduced by joint effort of teacher and student. But teacher has to do more work. Students will automatically be attentive and interested in academics, if teacher makes the lesson interesting. Teacher discussing social issue in the class, using sense of humor, giving analytic look on-going problems, either solely related to students or not, make student feel comfortable and energetic. More attentive they will be towards academics, less likely they will be interested in useless activities. Teacher should also maintain a trust for the students. Many suffer from family problems which are the cause of emotional problems. Guiding these students can prevent further problems, possibly drug abuse. With the help of students, teachers can arrange healthy activities such as; sports/speech/painting competition, book fair and informative lectures.
Teacher-Student relation is a need of time. Our nation needs competent, skilled and healthy youngsters. Administration of educational institutes and teachers should come ahead to take a start to build a healthy teacher-student relation for the better future.

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