I would like to send my congratulations on your fine efforts to prevent the spread of drug abuse in your proud Nation.
I believe your booklet showing 7- Ways for staying away from drugs will address .
the subject in a way that is suitable for your culture. As is the case in any culture suffering from an epidemic it is of vital importance that prevention strategies must be put in place to prevent the disease spreading.

Drug use and addiction is no different as it is highly communicable.  Education and prevention programs do work and also early intervention before the disease of addiction takes hold. This must include the family.  Poverty is a root cause of the drugs sub culture and NGO's need also to speak fearlessly for the vulnerable people who do not have the resources to do so. Therefore, education of policy makers must play a key role in the work to reduce the demand for drugs.
All Nations who have signed the UN Conventions on Narcotic Drugs ( as has Pakistan) are entitled to the support of international bodies and individuals. Drug legalisation cannot be considered the answer as the ready availability of toxic addictive substances will serve to destroy your Nations most valuable asset.......young people.
Grainne Kenny Message
We  are  together  in  our  belief  that  the  situation  affecting our  children ,  our  society and  indeed  our   planet is  unacceptable .  we  must  become  aware of  this  disturbing  fact  and  accept  it  before  we  can  move  in  any   direction    to  solve  the many  facets  that  cause  it .  it matters  not  in which  country  we  live
Parents  are  largely untaught   and  unpaid   to  cope  with  the  hug  of  responsibilities of  parenthood  in the  normal  scheme of  things . When  this  enormous  burden, caused  by  illicit drug  use  by  our children ,  is  brought  to  our  shoulders then the  situation becomes increasingly overpowering and  seemingly  hopeless. However , be assured dear  friends ,  that  our  very  role  as  parents has  amply equipped us   to  be  at the heart  of  taking this  scourge to  our  society and  to  be  able  to  comment through  experience and  not  mere anecdote .
We  must  join  together  to  compare this experience and  make  it  know  that   parents  are  the "anti  drug" and  must           be  used  in  this  capacity.
Assert yourself strongly - and without violence
Advertise your strength throughout your country
First look after yourself then educate those whose task it has been to steer your children from this disease so that they work through the truth   and reality of the situation. All this through your God given abilities 
There is a great love for you here. We say this as we too understand
Haider Ali Meher Message
Drug Free Nation (DFN) started its operation about 10 years back with the aim of preventing entire nation from the swamp of drug abuse. During this meaningful journey, albeit DFN encountered numerous hurdles, despite that, it vigorously worked hard to make its dream come true. Now, by the grace of Allah Almighty, DFN has emerged as a leading organization at national level.

Producing quality of work is the top priority of DFN that explicitly averred the dedication of DFN with its prime mission. Books, self-help booklets, scholarly articles and general articles are the hallmark of DFN’s vision. Now, its newly developed website will serve as a resource center containing basic to advanced level of information for all. 

At this occasion, I pay gratitude to my team members who worked a lot, even in the absence of tangible revenues. I hope you will find this resource center more informative and helpful in adopting positive attitude towards life.
Bill Cameron Message
Aftab Hussain 
Safe Care Trust International  Islamabad

All kind of addiction is a sugar coated hell. Understand that addiction is manageable disease . save these persons from stigma . just  remember that prevention is better than cure

Mr. Jawwad Muhammad
Azm Center Sargodha

Allah is visible through his creation. The 'good' that he exhibits through his righteous people is a marvelous observation .Drug Free nation org is very beautiful manifestation of his supreme good who are saving lives through drug  prevention program. May the team flourish and succeed at all levels in whatever they do

Substance addiction is a multi-dimensional problem which not only affects our physical and  mental health but it badly affects our job, business, studies, relationships, finances, family and society as well. We need to understand this problem keenly and patiently as the menace of drug abuse is increasing day by day due to many factors. We need to stand for those who are already into it so that they get a help of treatment to come out of it and we need to educate rest of the people about its ill effects and prevention at large. I deeply  appriciate the efforts of Drug free nation for bringing a positive change in one's life.

Yasir Arafat Zahgir
Philanthropist and Social Activist
Srinagar, Kashmir, J&K
Yasir Arafat Zahgir
Philanthropist and Social Activist
Srinagar, Kashmir, J&K
As the President of ISSUP Pakistan, my motto begins with spreading the awareness and education regarding the dangers of drug abuse to oneself and society. These programs are just the beginning. The whole awareness and educational program is in a modular format that will be executed in conjunction with the brief increments. Using social marketing, school based prevention and educational awareness, we will excel in reaching young people with persuasive information about risks of drug use. To make this program effective and fruitful, consistent support on the part of community is crucial. The amalgam of consistent leadership with continued efforts will help to achieve our goal of making our beloved planet Drug Free
Bashir Ahmed Naz
President ISSUP Chapter Pakistan

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