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By the grace of Allah Almighty, we have prepared a self-help booklet for guiding our youth so that they learn to stay away from drugs. This booklet has been published by Drug Free Nation working on drug abuse prevention
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Need for Achievement and Drug Abuse Problems among Youth
By Riffat Sadiq
Need for achievement is basic of success among youth.  Need for achievement is a basic motivating factor for a person to achieve his life goal.  Behind each great success, need for achievement works. But sometimes, this need for achievement may destroy one' life.
Ahmed is a general physician. At the time of being medical student, he had to study a lot to get good grades. He and his group friends decided to use medicine to study for more than 6 consecutive hours. They did so and passed out medical life with success. But they all became addicted to the medicine which they used to enhance their stamina.
Ali wanted to continue his study but could not owing to not having enough resources. When he failed to gratify his need for achievement, he was overwhelmed by hopelessness. Eventually, he indulged in drug addiction which further destroyed his life.
Need to achieve a desired goal is a positive thing but appropriate way for the gratification is more important than need. Neither all needs are possible to be gratified nor do all solutions work out successfully.

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